Beautifully designed and clinically validated digital medicine and digital therapeutics (DTx) solutions

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Our Mission

Newel Health represents a novel category of innovative companies whose mission is to develop and commercialize beautifully designed and clinically validated digital medicine and digital therapeutics (DTx) solutions in partnership with pharmaceutical and medical device companies and other health and wellness stakeholders.

Built on a strong heritage in health innovation Newel Health leverages data and technology to future-proof healthcare, while putting human empathy and patients’ and HCPs’ actual needs at the center of all its products.

The Challenge

Because of pandemic restrictions, all healthcare stakeholders quickly turned to nascent digital health solutions to ensure continued access to healthcare services. Having successfully adopted this new model stakeholders are now looking for advanced and innovative digital solutions to optimize all aspects of healthcare, from improving outcomes to lowering overall costs.

Traditional stakeholders (pharma, insurance, providers) don’t always have the necessary in-house expertise to develop and commercialize scalable DM and DTx solutions for patients and HCPs. It is also challenging for them to establish successful partnerships with digital health companies, most of whom lack experience operating within the healthcare industry. Trying to partner is seen as rather complex, rating the effort needed at 8 on a “difficulty” scale of 1-10, according to a recent McKinsey report*)

Our Solution

Newel Health’s team of top-notch digital, data, behavioral and scientific experts are professionals with decades of experience in the life sciences industry and ready to meet stakeholders’ needs by providing a one-stop solution for the R&D, design, validation and commercialization of Digital Medicines and Digital Therapeutics solutions.

H.Core, Newel Health’s proprietary software framework, was build from the ground up to accelerate all phases of DTx development, from inception to commercialization.

Clinical Validation

Newel’s DM and DTx products are designed to follow a rigorous research, design and usability process that are eventually validated via Randomized Clinical Trials (RCT).

Real World Evidence (RWE)

Data relating to people’s health, their living environment and/or the delivery of health care collected from various sources – Newel leverages RWE to bridge the evidence gap between clinical research and real-life outcomes.

Compliance & Security

Newel places a high priority on appropriate data protection standards. Advanced data security principles are extensively integrated in Newel’s H.Core framework to create DM and DTx solutions with the highest lever of compliance and Security.

Design & Usability

Newel’s unique strength in creating captivating, beautifully designed and easy-to-use products persuades individuals to use our health applications more regularly. Usability and human aspects standards are also a very important aspect of the MDR, NHS and FDA certifications and approval processes.

Behavioral Science & Empathy

Newel’s researchers use behavioral science factors such as cognitive, physical, environmental, and social determinants to improve the efficacy of digital health solutions, and our empathetic engagement models help to build trust with our users.

User Centered Approach

Newel’s product design process starts by discovering our users’ real-life needs and building digital health solutions around them. This approach helps to bridge the gap between clinician’s health goals and the real-life needs and concerns of their patients.


Amicomed is a beautifully designed Hypertension Control app that delivers analytic insights on longitudinal blood pressure measurements and personalized behavioral lifestyle modification programs to help people lower their blood pressure.

A scientifically proven personalized lifestyle program and remote monitoring solution that helps users reduce blood pressure values and helps providers and payors better manage the risk and costs associated with cardiovascular events.

  • Proprietary blood pressure trends analysis and insights
  • Personalised and contextualised lifestyle modification
  • Remote patient monitoring for physicians


Soturi’s MVP is a highly engaging digital services platform designed to deliver valuable services to People with Parkinson’s Disease (PwPs) in areas of Physical Rehabilitation, Speech Therapy and anxiety support. The app also features PD symptom tracking, automated symptoms detection via a wearable bracelet, and a medication reminder.

  • Physical Exercises / Rehabilitation Program
  • Speech Therapy
  • Psycological support
Our Minds

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is internationally recognized for their contributions to health innovation over the years. We passionately believe that the future of health is digital and that well-designed digital therapeutic solutions can be eminently human.

Gerry Chillé


PierPaolo Iagulli

Product & Technology

Silja Voolma

Behavioral Science

H.Core Framework

The research, development, validation, and GTM timelines of new DTx and digital medicines solutions are accelerated thanks to our proprietary H.Core framework, allowing for the reusability of commonly required components (e.g., users’ permissions, data privacy policies, third-party devices connectivity, etc.) and fast development of new digital active ingredient modules (DAIMs).

DAIMs enrich Newel’s IP/Patent portfolio and constitute the ingredients for the downstream expansion into new patient journeys and therapeutic areas.

Security First

GDPR/HIPAA-ready governance of sensitive data in line with best practices and regulations

Fast to Market

Pre-built components ready for integration into proprietary architectures

Made for Healthcare

Designed specifically by healthcare and life science industry experts

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